Saturday, February 4, 2012

Handbag Organiser

I have been wanting to embark on this project for so long. I love buying books and everytime I saw a project on handbag organiser, I kept dreaming about doing it the next day. But the how- to was such a long process and rather tedious as there were so many parts to assemble. So one day I asked my assistant to start this project. After deciding on the fabrics and discussing some other details, she started off the project. After 2 days, this blue organiser was completed.

It was worth doing it. The second one was done at a much faster rate as we already knew the process and even did some short cuts ( I will post the photo of the second one later). I also made one , for me, in yellow combination.

Here is the organiser - pockets on both sides, in front and reverse. The handles can also be redesigned.

We can custom made the compartments of the organiser to suit one's requirements.

This is how it looks like inside - with a few pockets and a side zipper for some valuable items.

So ladies, worry no more. You can even switch handbags every other day if you wish. Just switch the organiser into the new bag. And for you ladies who prefer to sew your own, lesson is also available.

Friday, February 3, 2012

His & Hers Cushion

What can I say... Love this one? Simply like the colour combination.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Love Is In The Air

Hi all. It's already February. Everyone knows that February is a special month for young lovers (well for that matter, it's for everyone who is in love). So here is something special that we can do for you. Don't wait too long!