Saturday, April 30, 2011

Applique Class

Two weeks ago we had 3 new students, Miki, Michelle and Faizah. All of them decided to take up applique lesson. Session 1 was on hand applique using blind stitch. After a few hours, each managed to complete 4 leaves before I showed them the next step. The rest if the applique was done as homework.

Next session will be machine applique which is to be completed in the class.

Hope you enjoyed doing hand applique as much as I do. It is slow but very satisfying. See you all soon.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fairy Pillow

Hi. This pillow is rather unique. It bears the name of the daughter of Mrs. Taty. Her two other children have got their pillows done. Nadine is her youngest. I am so glad that she really loves her pillow.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Visitor from KK

No, not this lady in pink. She is Sheila of Rose Inspiration. Once in a while she would come over either to just chit-chat or buy something. The visitor is this lady in blue, yes Puan Zura of Jurra Sew Cute. Orangnya pun cute. Both of them came over after the Epal Convention adjourned last Saturday. I was doing some stuff when both of them appeared. I didnt realised it was Zura at first. When Sheila asked me, do you recognise this lady? Immediately I knew who she was. I really like her sewing and embroidery works. She is very hard working, dont know how she find the time to do all that when she is still working fulltime. I guess, when we have passion for something, we will make time for it. Dont we crafters? Zura ended up buying a lot of baby panels as she said she already has a few orders in hand. I am happy that she liked them. Thank you Sheila for giving me the opportunity to meet up with Zura and for introducing her to my shop. I wish they came earlier so that we could chat a bit more. See you again in KL may be next year Zura.

Friday, April 15, 2011


Still thinking about what gift you should get for your mom on Mother's Day? Well how about an apron? We can personalise the apron with embroidered text such as these 2 below. Just pick the apron and tell us what you want embroidered. There are several more designs but i only photographed 4 aprons. This red one is bright and cheerful. The color is Happy as my friend Maritza said. It was her ideas that we made these aprons for the shop. Not to mention she cut and sew the first few aprons. Well, if you need something personalised and reasonably affordable, please contact us.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sue Bonnet Cushion Cover

Isn't it cute? This is Thilani's machine applique project. She was very happy with the result. Her daughter has requested that she make her a single quilt - Sue Bonnet quilt of course! See you this Saturday Thilani. Please remember to enlarge the pattern!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pin Cushions Lesson

I was requested by a friend to give her a lesson on making apple pin cushion. After choosing the fabrics, I traced the pattern and cut out the fabrics. Next she sewn the pieces together, then stuffing it with polyester fibre. The leaf and the stem were made using felt (now I can really make use of my stash - fabrics and felt).It was very quick. Next she wanted to do a pumpkin pin cushion. I dug out my stash again and found an orange fabric, quite close to the colour of a pumpkin I guess. The sewing process was simpler followed by stuffing it with polyester fibre. In about 10 minutes, it was all done. Here's the pincushions. She was very happy with the outcomes. Now she can use the pumpkin (or orange) pin cushion for her cross stitch projects.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's Fun Day Again!

Last Thursday we were really busy at the shop. The four of us were busy thinking what we should do that day. I had earlier made several pin cushions and they were ready for stuffing. So we decided to finish off the pin cushions.

Jenny from Kajang was there too. She was determined to complete her patchwork table runner project on that day. It was her first ever sewing-patchwork project. She completed the runner in four lessons. Good job.

Well, let's just say everybody was happy by the end of the day. Jenny completed her project and so did we.

Maritza (our creative director!) and me, taking time off ... for the camera again.

The pin cushions on parade...

Well what will be our next project?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mariquitas Wall Hanging

Two weeks ago we did something fun again, yes, another wall hanging. This time we decided to do a machine applique project - 3 mariquitas (ladybugs)! Very bright red and green fabrics were selected. This wallhanging project was really quick, in about 6 hours we managed to complete the applique, including embroidering the antennas. And during the break, yes, we posed for the camera, as always! (Mira, Maritza and mommy) Here's the top that has been completed...Gracias everyone!
Then, I continued with the quilting - in the ditch & free motion and finally the binding.

Thank you Mari!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Manzanas! Pin Cushions

It looked like the last 3 Thursdays, we had what I called Fun & Creative Patchwork went on at the shop. Of course, my Costa Rican friends, Maritza and her mom were around and they were more than happy to share something new with us. That's not all, be prepared to have fun all day long, yes, laugh, and laugh and more laughs.... And if you want to learn how to speak Spanish (Espanol), Maritza will be delighted to teach you. Well, we (Mira & me) spoke in English, Bahasa Malaysia and Spanish whenever they are around.... Pheew, I must say it is not easy but it was really fun.... Gracias. Yesterday we decided to do something small and fun, an apple or manzanas! I had the pattern in my keeping for sometime but haven't got the time to start. So yesterday was perfect. We trace out the pattern then cut out the fabrics. After sewing the 5 parts together, we stuff the apple with poly-fibre. Seen here is Maritza fixing a leaf to the apple. A close-up of an orange-yellow apple...
And by the end of the day, we completed 9 manzanas. Don't they looked yummy...

I guess other than using them as pin cushions, we can also put them in a glass bowl and decorate the table. Delicious!