Monday, February 28, 2011

Sue in the making

Lately there have been several requests for Sue Bonnet applique. We just delivered 20 kits to one client. After seeing our latest project, she quickly place another order, so obsessed with Sue. They are very pretty indeed. Bright combination of fabrics further enhance the applique. Here is Mira closely monitoring the process.

And here is my MC11000 ready to zooooom .......

And finally, the finished applique...

This piece will be made into a cushion cover. We will post on blog the finished cover once it is ready. Anyone who is interested in getting the applique done, please get in touch with us. We can applique them according to your need whether a small cushion cover, a pocket for a bag, a tote bag or even quilt blocks (we had done one in queen size, a total of 20 blocks). The size of the applique is fixed, the biggest is 5.5" x 5.5" and the smallest is 4.5" (H) x 3" (W). We can, however, vary the applique background size, that's what I mean.

Something for Sue Bonnet's lovers out there!

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Ada sesiapa nak beli buku ni? Saya dah dapat salinan saya minggu lepas. lama juga nak sampai, lebihkurang 5 minggu. Kalau ada yang mahukan buku ni, saya boleh tolong orderkan. Sila tingalkan nama atau email saya di, sertakan mobile number senang nak contact. Nanti saya akan beri nombor akaun saya kemudian. Buku dijangka sampai ke KL dalam masa 4-5 minggu. Harga senaskah RM100.00 tak termasuk bayaran pos (dari saya ke alamat anda). Tarikh akhir untuk order buku ni ialah Sabtu 5 Mac 2011.

Buku ni bagus, banyak teknik2 diterangkan. Termasuk diberikan adalah 8 paten bag untuk kita cuba sendiri.
Order ni saya hadkan kepada 10 buah naskah sahaja.

Friday, February 25, 2011

More Cushion Covers

For the recent CNY, Mrs. Tee had requested for 4 pcs cushion covers. The theme was pastel, thus I picked these colours. Rather pleasing for the eyes. A set of 2 in pink & yellow mix and another set in yellow & brown mix. Completed just a few days before CNY. Thank you again Mrs. Tee for supporting handmade products. She has been a loyal customer since the shop opened in mid 2009. I will try my luck again to convince her to start a simple sewing project. See you soon!

Key Ring Pouches

Lately I love making small items such as these key ring pouches. We hand appliqued the flowers and machine quilted - free motion and straight lines. The zipper is sewn by hand. Now I can keep all the keys in one pouch.

Two more pouches without the the key ring and zipper (the red tulip is sold). Sorry I couldn't change the orientation of this photo!! Tried a few times but didn't happen.

Note: Please send us an e-mail regarding classes for the finished products and/or items that you are interested in such as this key ring set. I still have 5 pcs left.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Frame Coin Pouch

This was my first attempt at making a small coin pouch using the frame. I handstitched the body because the pieces were small. After joining all the sides together, make sure the top opening matched the frame size. I then handstitched the 10cm frame in place. It was tough as the size was small. The finished size was 3.5" x 3.5". I was satisfied with the result. Maybe next time I will enlarge the pattern slightly to make it easier to sew.

This was my second attempt but using a different pattern. This one was simpler as the pattern was made up of 1 piece (not 4 pieces as the first one). I machine sewn this piece. The size was 4" (W) x 3.5" (H). A slightly bigger size would be practical (so typical of me!!).

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Handbag Again!

Ready, one, two, three smile..... Here is Mrs. DT with her new handbag. I am not sure the name of the bag (anyone?). It is really elegant. Made out of a heavy cotton fabric she bought in Australia. The round wooden handle makes it looked classy. It is suitable for a day out with friends or shopping.
Making it is not very complicated but stitching the handle is a bit difficult. May be next time I think of an alternative.

Front view....
Side view with the one of the gussets ....

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

EMBA 6 Reunion Hi-Tea

Today's post has nothing to do with patchwork or craft at all. Last Saturday we had a reunion hi-tea. The last reunion we had was like 3 years ago. I guess this time the gathering was sort of a home-coming party for Mr. Ritzza (in checks on the right) who was attached to finance company in the Middle East. And soon he will be leaving for Maldives on a new appointment. How nice.

Anyway, I think there were 14 of us including Ros (not in picture, may be helping herself with the buffet). The rest couldn't make it. May be next time, when Che Wan is home for good from NY. All the best to Halim & Zulfahmy in their PhD and DBA pursuit. Rizal is thinking about it. Anyone else ?

In these photos were all alumni who came last Saturday. It was a simple and pleasant get together.

No, no, no. These are not monies given away by the expatriate Ritzza. It's everybody's contribution for the buffet. It was worth it. Hope we can meet again in 12 months time?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Mini Prayer Mat & Matching Bag

We received several requests from customers for mini prayer mat. From what i gathered, they prefered a plain, easy to carry with minimal embelishment. Based on their feedback and my imagination, I started to design a simple mat that is easy to sew and not too costly. After a few days, here is the result. The bag was simple with white lace and made of matching fabrics as the mat. When folded, the mat fits inside the bag with some room for the attire. We offer a "2 in 1" class for these 2 items. We also welcome custom made request. Ladies, the mat is easily fitted in our handbag. The best part - you can now carry your own mat to public surau. More hygienic don't you think?

Patchwork Cushion Covers

Patchwork cushion covers are fast to make compared to hand aplique covers. All were machine pieced including quilting. Each cover measures 18" x 18". These were custom made for Pn. Zila.

We prefer to custom made as we can personalise your order to suit your colour scheme and preference. A good gift for house warming.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mother's Day Special Gift

Yes you are right. Mother's Day is still very much ahead. But have you thought of that special gift for her? Maybe not the normal stuff which she can get from the retail stores but something that is custom made for her?

Last year we specially designed this cushion cover for Mother's Day. There was a few other designs available (but i forgot to photograph them!!). We will be doing this again this year. So if you want us to custom made this cover for your mom, please visit us. They will be available from early April. It is never too early. You can choose your own design (keep it simple and sweet) or you can select from our designs.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Table Runners

This table runner is a gift from a sister to her brother. The dining table is a 12-seater teak set. The batik was bought in Indonesia. We used solid brown border to highlight the centrepiece which was quilted around the motifs using gold thread. Same colour binding as the border to keep it simple.

This runner is made using paper piecing technique. Below is the matching placemat. At the time these were photographed, both were not finished yet. We used darker green solid fabric as binding. I will post the photos of the finished products later.

Bags for Mother & Daughter

These two bags were commissioned by Pn. Zila for her and her daughter.

The first bag is really big. We used quilt as you sew method. It is simple to make. Just cut the fabrics into strips and sew on top of the batting. A lot of ironing to keep the strips flattened. You can use your stash in making this bag. Binding was added to hide the seam - this part was a bit difficult. But with patient you'll manage.

The second bag was hand applique. A bit of patchwork at the top. Inspired by one of the books in my collection.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

More bags

This tote bag can be used as beg telekung. Colour scheme chosen by the client - an all green bag she said. Flowers were hand applique, finished off with machine quilting.

This one belonged to Ms Jacquline a frequent traveller. She requested for a traveling bag with hidden zipper on 1 side.


I enjoy making bags. Each project would take 2-3 days This blue & turqoise bag was made for Madam Kwan.

This is a very big tote suitable for students. It can fit A3 size file. Custom made for Vivian. Fabrics were chosen by her mom.

Special Friends from Japan

Guess what these cute items are?? They are actually tissue covers made by my Japanese friend Mrs. Ogawa who came to get her quilting supplies from my shop. The last time she dropped by my shop was to give me these special gifts, just before she left for Japan. These gifts were just too special to use. She even gave me the pattern. She said " You make". How thoughtful. It was an emotional departure for both of us. We were just getting to know each other better when she told me she had to leave for Japan. They had been living in Malaysia for quite some time on some business deals.

Seen in the picture below are Mira, Mrs. Ogawa and me.

Below are Mr. and Mrs. Ogawa (Peace .....). Sayonara!! Hope we will meet again one day....

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Christmas table runner & cushion covers

This table runner was put up together using Christmas panel and solid blue sashing. The owner chose starry blue border to suit her blue and silver Christmas theme.
How about a lady bug cushion cover, anyone? Or a cute teddy bear? These 18" cushion covers were made for Mabel from Singapore. Again hand applique and hand quilting were the preference. Photos were taken before the covers were completed. I had forgotten to photograph the finished products.

Sue & Billy Quilt

Made this quilt from panel. It is now somewhere in Kuantan. A simple quilt yet beautiful. Was hoping to keep this one for myself but somehow has to let it go... Enjoy the quilt Vivian.

Dresden Plate Quilts

I started this dresden plate quilt last year. I am still struggling to find time to quilt the border. Once finished, I hope I can display it in the shop. Lesson is available on big project such as this one. You don't need so much fabrics for the dresden plates. One FQ for each colour is sufficient. In my case, I used 4 colours. However, we need to have sufficiently the background fabric to applique the dresden plates, here I have white tone on tone. The size is slightly bigger than a single quilt. I hope I can finish this quilt soon.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Baby Quilt for Mandy's Twin

These two baby quilts belonged to Mandy's bundles of joy, Ken & LeAnn - hand applique and hand quilted.

Table Runner for My Auntie

This table runner was ordered by my auntie some time ago. It measured 71/2 ft long and 22 inches wide. Hand applique with machine quilting.

We do custom made runners that just fit your dining table. Not only runners, piano cover, cushion cover, place mat etc. Please remember to bring the measurement or sample if you have one.

Hand applique TV cover

This is another project for a client. A TV cover for her bedroom. It is 100% hand applique with hand quilting.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Custom made projects

I have been keeping all the photos of our custom made products for ages. I have not been managing my time well, I mean in updating my blog.
Today I feel like sharing some of the projects my team and I had completed so far.

This king size patchwork and hand applique quilt was commissioned by our first customer, made specially for his beloved wife as a Christmas gift. The quilt was ready just in time. Phew..... The centre piece was made up of 1000 odd pieces of 3" half square triangles while the border was decorated with hand applique motives which was then quilted using free motion quilting. The customer was extremely happy. So did I!

This photo was taken before bonding was done. See the effect of binding to this quilt (above photo)?

I will be posting more photos of the completed products real soon.