Friday, December 16, 2011

Bazaar on 17.12.2011 - Part 1

Hi. It is the holiday season again. This 2011 year will soon end. Time flies. It has been almost 4 weeks since the school holidays started. For us, we have decided to take part and join the fun at a one day bazaar organised at Jaya One PJ tomorrow. It has been a busy month. We started preparing for the bazaar about 1 month ago. Well, we had to actually find time to prepare the products in between the daily tasks at the shop. It has been an interesting experience so far. We discussed and made samples before we set on making them for the bazaar. Thank you to MI and MA for their contribution. Let's have fun tomorrow and make new friends.

Here are some of the products which we managed to finished for the bazaar.

Box pouches in maroon, blue and brown combination.

Pin cushions in various colours. Actually I wished I could make more of them but it is quite time consuming.

Bags - i love how they turned out. I used to 100% hand sewn them but this time, we machine stitched them. It was much faster.

Handphone pouches - the easier version (top) and the improved version (bottom).

Wallet - available in four colours.

... see Part 2

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