Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Intensive Class for Miri Student

On Monday night when I was getting ready to leave, a lady came in and inquired regarding bag making class. After some explanation, she requested that I teach her within 1 day (11 to 6pm). I said it would be very taxing for you. But guess what, Pn. Jenab managed to complete her bag within 61/2 hours! A record so far for my student. She was very determined to complete it on Tuesday as she would be flying back to Miri the following night (that is tonite).

She chose to make the bag with the round handle. Her sewing skill and passion helped a she made minor mistakes & best of all, no unpicking at all!

After 6 hours of hardwork, here she is posing with her new bag (some hand stitching yet to be done!). Overall, it was a day well spent.

See you again during the next school holiday.

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