Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gallinas! Wall hanging

Yes, these are 3 gallinas! We started this project 3 weeks ago with the help of dearest friend, Maritza and her mom, we called Mommy. It was really fun making this wall hanging. Anyone who sees this will surely have a big smile on her face. The gallinas in preparation stage.... Three hardworking ladies responsible for this cute wall hanging...
and finally the finished product...anybody interested? No, i am selling this piece, but if you want to learn, we can teach you how.


  1. Thanks Anna, Mommy and I really enjoyed working on these funny gallinas with you!!! The three gallinas (ayam) are as happy as the three working women that gave life to them!!!

  2. Oh, really a good work, I knew about this great famous art gallery on "The tico times", je je je. Nice to see You work on the internet, Marita an "Mommy". Reggards.