Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sue Bonnet Applique Samples

I received some requests for Sue Bonnet applique blocks. One request comes from East M. I tried to forward the samples by email but the files are just too big. So here are some of the bigger samples that I have selected for her (the size are 3.5" x 5" to 5" x 6").
The colour combination of the fabric can be changed, that is, please tell me the main colour scheme only eg. pink and purple, green and yellow, red and pink etc. I will still add in other colours for the shoes, hat etc that will blend in with the main colour scheme.
State the background fabric either white tone on tone, off white tone on tone or other solid colours if you like. But the applique will stand out if it is done on a light coloured background.
I like to use small floral prints, polka dots and various Gemstone by Fabri Quilt.

This is one example of the applique done on a dark coloured fabric.

This is done on a white tone on tone.

This is done on a medium coloured fabric.

Here are the samples that you can choose from.

This is my favourite!

Please contact us for details. Hope to hear from you.

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