Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Quilts for Two Sisters

Pn. I first requested me to make 3 cushion covers for Mother's Day.

Then later she wanted me to make two quilts for both her daughters. I love applique very much especially hand applique. So for Pn. I's two daughters, I proposed that we make 2 similar quilts for the girls. The applique motifs and the designs are exactly the same except the size for baby sister Afifah is slightly smaller.

Pink and purple were chosen as the main colours. One quilt was machine appliqued, the other was hand appliqued. We combined both hand and machine quilting for both quilts.

It was really fun to see how the quilts developed as we appliqued the motifs and later quilted the quilts.

A close up of one of the blocks - hand appliqued and hand quilted.

These are the matching cushions for the quilts using the same colour scheme.

Afifah's quilt - hand appliqued and hand quilted blocks, free motion quilting for the border.

And here is Akilah's quilt - machine appliqued, hand quilted blocks and free motion quilting for the border as well.

The hand quilting of the blocks were really slow - however, my team and I managed to complete them beautifully, finally. Pn. I was very happy, so do we. It was the first time that we created something big (quilt) which are almost 100% identical.

It was a priceless experience. Thank you Pn. I for your support and trust.

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