Friday, June 1, 2012

Bags and Pouches for Sale


I made these bags for the shop, as samples for custom made order or something that a walk-in client could pick up as a gift. I wish I could keep them but I have to make way for new bag patterns, for classes or for custom made orders. So here they go, I am offering them at a very reasonable price.

Orange bag RM 90.00 (imported handle, magnetic button)
Brown bag RM 50.00
Black bag RM 70.00 (zip at top)
Gray bag RM60.00 (magnetic button)
Prices quoted exclude delivery charges) 
Yellow bag RM 40.00 (magnetic button)
Ivory bag RM 40.00 (magnetic button)
Purple bag RM 50.00 (button)
Pink bag RM60.00 (magnetic button)(Prices quoted exclude delivery charges) 
Black pouch RM30.00 (5.5"Length x 2.5"Base x 4"Height)
Black pouch with cotton lace  RM35.00 (6"L x 2"B x 4.5"H) 
Pink pouches RM20.00 (4.75"L x 1"B x 3.5"H)
(Free delivery within Malaysia)
That's it. Have an excellent weekend everyone.


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