Friday, April 1, 2011

Manzanas! Pin Cushions

It looked like the last 3 Thursdays, we had what I called Fun & Creative Patchwork went on at the shop. Of course, my Costa Rican friends, Maritza and her mom were around and they were more than happy to share something new with us. That's not all, be prepared to have fun all day long, yes, laugh, and laugh and more laughs.... And if you want to learn how to speak Spanish (Espanol), Maritza will be delighted to teach you. Well, we (Mira & me) spoke in English, Bahasa Malaysia and Spanish whenever they are around.... Pheew, I must say it is not easy but it was really fun.... Gracias. Yesterday we decided to do something small and fun, an apple or manzanas! I had the pattern in my keeping for sometime but haven't got the time to start. So yesterday was perfect. We trace out the pattern then cut out the fabrics. After sewing the 5 parts together, we stuff the apple with poly-fibre. Seen here is Maritza fixing a leaf to the apple. A close-up of an orange-yellow apple...
And by the end of the day, we completed 9 manzanas. Don't they looked yummy...

I guess other than using them as pin cushions, we can also put them in a glass bowl and decorate the table. Delicious!


  1. These funny and colorful apples fascinate me, but most importantly is the fascinating experience of culture sharing. Doing quilting is a beautiful way of making wonderful friends and learn from them. Terima kasih teman!