Friday, October 28, 2011

Kawan-kawan Dari Seberang

Last Saturday we had a group of students from Indonesia. They are actually lecturers from a university in Acheh. They are here to attend a two week course at the UM. In between they managed to find some time to learn some simple craft. They decided to take up the challenge of making a handphone pouch. And all of them have never used a sewing machine before. But I must say, they are fast to catch up.

Here is Puan Wardah.

From L to R: Puan Nelly, Irai (my assistant for the day!) and Cik Lia.

All of them couldn't wait to see the end result, their first ever handmade craft using a machine. First time for Nelly and Lia but Wardah prefers to hand stitch her crafts back at home (tapi kalau mau beli mesinnya jangan lupa telpon kami!)

An old colleague, Azimah also came to continue her lesson later that afternoon.

Irai showing Lia how to sew the wristlet.

It was a fun Saturday. Hopefully kita ketemu lagi di lain waktu, for a more challenging project!

They will be going home on Sunday, ample time to shop around KL and Sunway P. Anyway, Happy Shopping!

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