Monday, October 3, 2011

Quilting Service - Part 1

A friend came back from Ireland for holiday with two quilt tops. She requested that we finished the quilt for her. The first piece was quilted two weeks ago. It was a gift to her niece who returned to Manchester to resume her studies. I had forgotten to take a photo of the quilt.

This quilt below was actually the second piece, slightly smaller than the first one. This one goes to her daughter who is in Sabah (undergoing housemanship at one hospital there).

The back of the quilt.

The quilting frame that I had installed almost a month ago is really a great help. I don't have to do tacking and basting anymore. Just assemble the quilt top straight away on the frame with batting and backing according. Once ready, I will take my time to start quilting. But it is important to get 3-4 bobbins ready before starting so that the quilting process goes smoothly. I completed the quilting for this piece (size 52" x 62" or 23 square foot) in 5.5 hours (I took it slow as I wanted to minimise errors).

Right now, I have one king size quilt top ready on the frame just waiting to be quilted. Hopefully I can start quilting it tomorrow afternoon or Tuesday morning.

My team and I have started making quilt tops for sale (quilting to follow suit). It is a great relief to have the quilting frame. Quilting is much more easier and faster too. I will give the details of the quilting service soon. But as a guideline, the quilting service is chargeable by the square foot.

Give us a call okay.

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  1. A friend told me about your comment so just spotted this...great job! She loves it