Tuesday, February 22, 2011

EMBA 6 Reunion Hi-Tea

Today's post has nothing to do with patchwork or craft at all. Last Saturday we had a reunion hi-tea. The last reunion we had was like 3 years ago. I guess this time the gathering was sort of a home-coming party for Mr. Ritzza (in checks on the right) who was attached to finance company in the Middle East. And soon he will be leaving for Maldives on a new appointment. How nice.

Anyway, I think there were 14 of us including Ros (not in picture, may be helping herself with the buffet). The rest couldn't make it. May be next time, when Che Wan is home for good from NY. All the best to Halim & Zulfahmy in their PhD and DBA pursuit. Rizal is thinking about it. Anyone else ?

In these photos were all alumni who came last Saturday. It was a simple and pleasant get together.

No, no, no. These are not monies given away by the expatriate Ritzza. It's everybody's contribution for the buffet. It was worth it. Hope we can meet again in 12 months time?

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