Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pin Cushions Lesson

I was requested by a friend to give her a lesson on making apple pin cushion. After choosing the fabrics, I traced the pattern and cut out the fabrics. Next she sewn the pieces together, then stuffing it with polyester fibre. The leaf and the stem were made using felt (now I can really make use of my stash - fabrics and felt).It was very quick. Next she wanted to do a pumpkin pin cushion. I dug out my stash again and found an orange fabric, quite close to the colour of a pumpkin I guess. The sewing process was simpler followed by stuffing it with polyester fibre. In about 10 minutes, it was all done. Here's the pincushions. She was very happy with the outcomes. Now she can use the pumpkin (or orange) pin cushion for her cross stitch projects.

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