Saturday, April 16, 2011

Visitor from KK

No, not this lady in pink. She is Sheila of Rose Inspiration. Once in a while she would come over either to just chit-chat or buy something. The visitor is this lady in blue, yes Puan Zura of Jurra Sew Cute. Orangnya pun cute. Both of them came over after the Epal Convention adjourned last Saturday. I was doing some stuff when both of them appeared. I didnt realised it was Zura at first. When Sheila asked me, do you recognise this lady? Immediately I knew who she was. I really like her sewing and embroidery works. She is very hard working, dont know how she find the time to do all that when she is still working fulltime. I guess, when we have passion for something, we will make time for it. Dont we crafters? Zura ended up buying a lot of baby panels as she said she already has a few orders in hand. I am happy that she liked them. Thank you Sheila for giving me the opportunity to meet up with Zura and for introducing her to my shop. I wish they came earlier so that we could chat a bit more. See you again in KL may be next year Zura.

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