Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hannah & Lynnea

Remember the two pink quilts I made for Hannah and Lynnea? Their mom, Puteri organised a kenduri about two weeks ago and I attended it with a few friends. My journey to her place was very adventurous, making a U-turn almost one-third way back and driving down a narrow and hilly path! Phew, finally we made it in one piece.

Well, I don't get to take any photos of the girls with the quilts. Hannah was busy with other kids, Lynnea was not well. But I did take some photos.

Here is me and old friends, with Puteri & hubby Roger, Hannah & Lynnea.

Me again with old colleagues and friends.

Charlie's Angels in the making, Ha ha ha ...

Hannah on the buaian looking very tired and confused maybe. Why are there so many people?

I wonder what Hannah was saying to her mom? I like this photo very much, Hannah was so cute. And Puteri looked so motherly concerned.

When will I see them again?

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