Monday, September 26, 2011

Farewell My Dear Friend Jean

I first met Jean two years ago when she came to the shop with another friend of hers. Since then Jean would drop-by the shop. Sometimes she bought fabrics for her projects, or sometimes she just came to say hello. But most of the time, she would share with me her knowledge on patchwork and stuff. She kept encouraging me to do new things, something that we don't commonly do here, such as picture quilt or art quilt. I wish I could do evertyhing she suggested but I was skeptical as to how many people were willing to spend their money on those decorative patchwork items.

So I play safe. I make only things that are practical. Anyway, Jean shared her passion with me on her other hobbies such as jewelry making, beading, and crystal. It is sad that I have lost another good friend, well I mean she has to return to the US with her dear husband. She invited me to visit her. She said she would take me to the patchwork shops that are almost everywhere in the US! I will but not so soon Jean.

A few days before she left for the US, we had a simple lunch at the coffee house of the hotel where she had been staying for the past 3 years, Holiday Inn KL. Then we adjourned to her suite for a cup of tea. She handed me a project which she was working on but because she had sent off her sewing machine home, the project was sort of halfway done. I am yet to complete the project.

Here is Jean my dear friend who wishes me well in my venture. I wish her well too, in her new home in the United States. Hope you will make a lot of new friends there.

Till we meet again, Jean.

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