Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hand Applique Cushion Covers

I just love to see beautiful cushion covers especially the hand appliqued ones. Over the past two years, I have passed down some skills to a few people who share the same interest with me. These cushion tops were hand appliqued by my nephew's wife. I am quite happy with her work, but I know she can be better. I am definitely very serious about quality. Especially for custom made orders, we strive to produce great quality work. There were times when we had to re-work on some projects. But at the end of the day, the efforts were worth it. Quality does matter, in every sense. When a customer is happy, she will return for more.

Coming back, next, I machine quilted these tops using FMQ, my assistant did the other two. I was very satisfied with the result. Nowadays I could do FMQ without hesitation. Some simple, wise words from my assistant completely changed the way I did FMQ. Thank you for that MI. But it is really important to keep practicing, and to remember how to do it. I need to practice more to consistently get that nice curve or swirl. And also, don't be lazy.

Cushion covers anyone?

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  1. I was just at your shop this afternoon. I am the girl who bought the fabric and asked about the beautiful quilt you made. :)

    Am thinking of getting a custom-made quilt (queen size) from you very soon. :D