Thursday, September 8, 2011

Quilts for Two Little Princess

These two quilts are for two little princess who lived in Norway! Their mommy, who is an old colleague, is in town for the fasting month and hari raya celebration. Before she return, we sort of exchange views on the designs of the quilts she wants me to make for her two pricess. And finally we decided on a pattern for both quilts. By the time she is back in KL in end July, me and my team have made 50% progress on both quilts. The centre pieces were ready but I needed her to sort of approve the borders that I had selected for both. Since the centre piece is already busy, we decided to pick a single fabric with small flowers, instead of a patchwork border.

Here are the quilts - Hannah is the elder sister.

And here is Lynnea's - the baby sister.

Both quilts were assembled using double layers of cotton batting and flannel as the backing. They were thick, quilting was a bit harder (esp. the border, using FMQ). They are really warm and we hope that the quilts will keep the two little princess warm in their home.

I will be seeing them this weekend. Hope to be able to get them to post with the quilt.

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