Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hannah & Lynnea

Remember the two pink quilts I made for Hannah and Lynnea? Their mom, Puteri organised a kenduri about two weeks ago and I attended it with a few friends. My journey to her place was very adventurous, making a U-turn almost one-third way back and driving down a narrow and hilly path! Phew, finally we made it in one piece.

Well, I don't get to take any photos of the girls with the quilts. Hannah was busy with other kids, Lynnea was not well. But I did take some photos.

Here is me and old friends, with Puteri & hubby Roger, Hannah & Lynnea.

Me again with old colleagues and friends.

Charlie's Angels in the making, Ha ha ha ...

Hannah on the buaian looking very tired and confused maybe. Why are there so many people?

I wonder what Hannah was saying to her mom? I like this photo very much, Hannah was so cute. And Puteri looked so motherly concerned.

When will I see them again?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hand Applique Cushion Covers

I just love to see beautiful cushion covers especially the hand appliqued ones. Over the past two years, I have passed down some skills to a few people who share the same interest with me. These cushion tops were hand appliqued by my nephew's wife. I am quite happy with her work, but I know she can be better. I am definitely very serious about quality. Especially for custom made orders, we strive to produce great quality work. There were times when we had to re-work on some projects. But at the end of the day, the efforts were worth it. Quality does matter, in every sense. When a customer is happy, she will return for more.

Coming back, next, I machine quilted these tops using FMQ, my assistant did the other two. I was very satisfied with the result. Nowadays I could do FMQ without hesitation. Some simple, wise words from my assistant completely changed the way I did FMQ. Thank you for that MI. But it is really important to keep practicing, and to remember how to do it. I need to practice more to consistently get that nice curve or swirl. And also, don't be lazy.

Cushion covers anyone?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Farewell My Dear Friend Jean

I first met Jean two years ago when she came to the shop with another friend of hers. Since then Jean would drop-by the shop. Sometimes she bought fabrics for her projects, or sometimes she just came to say hello. But most of the time, she would share with me her knowledge on patchwork and stuff. She kept encouraging me to do new things, something that we don't commonly do here, such as picture quilt or art quilt. I wish I could do evertyhing she suggested but I was skeptical as to how many people were willing to spend their money on those decorative patchwork items.

So I play safe. I make only things that are practical. Anyway, Jean shared her passion with me on her other hobbies such as jewelry making, beading, and crystal. It is sad that I have lost another good friend, well I mean she has to return to the US with her dear husband. She invited me to visit her. She said she would take me to the patchwork shops that are almost everywhere in the US! I will but not so soon Jean.

A few days before she left for the US, we had a simple lunch at the coffee house of the hotel where she had been staying for the past 3 years, Holiday Inn KL. Then we adjourned to her suite for a cup of tea. She handed me a project which she was working on but because she had sent off her sewing machine home, the project was sort of halfway done. I am yet to complete the project.

Here is Jean my dear friend who wishes me well in my venture. I wish her well too, in her new home in the United States. Hope you will make a lot of new friends there.

Till we meet again, Jean.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cushion Covers for A Friend's MIL

A friend who now lives in Oslo is back in Malaysia for the holidays. She is married to a Norwegian. After 2.5 years there, she can now speak Norwegian fluently. She loves patchwork and wanted to get her MIL a patchwork gift. She came over to the shop and said that she did not want something bulky to bring back to Oslo. So I suggested that a cushion cover would be practical and nice. She asked me to make two pieces in green - her MIL's favourite colour. Here they are (50cm x 50cm).

I hope her MIL likes the covers.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pillow CoversFor Boys

Remember Tihani's pillow covers? Well, her brother, Adam, upon seeing hers, kept asking her mom where is she going to make for him similar pillow covers. So a few days before Hari Raya, Adam's mom came over and requested me to sew two pillow covers for him. But I couldn't complete them in 2 days since I was alone in the shop. You know la Hari Raya mood has set in, so productivity was well, almost zero!

Anyway, the pillow covers were completed last week and here they are.

This one belongs to Adam's cousin brother.

If you follow my blog, you will notice that we received numerous requests for personalised cushion covers of pillow covers. We enjoy doing these small projects. Besides, it is quite fast to complete (when the mood is back!).

If you are keen to learn how to make the covers, get in touch with us. It is a lot of fun, and contagious!

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Quilting Frame & Machine Are Finally Here

Finally they are here! I waited for over 2 weeks for the quilting machine and the quilting frame to arrive. I cant wait for them to be set-up. But because i was not sure how to assemble them, I had to get some assistance from one Mr. Handyman. After watching the DVD and a bit of trial and error, we managed to set up the frame and fit the machine.

Here are the boxes when they arrived, 5 boxes in total. It only took 2 days to arrive but documentation and clearance process at the airport took almost 3 days to complete.

Once set-up, we tried switching on the machine. It didn't work at first but after checking the connection and reading again the manual, the machine finally made a sound, yes it worked!! We did it.

Here is my assistant trying out the machine. It didn't take long before we get ourselves familirized with the machine. Now all we need to do is practice, practice and practice.

See, now she can pose with the machine.

We will be ready to take orders for machine quilting in a few weeks time. Ladies, if you have finished quilt tops that are ready to be quilted but hesitant to quilt them yourself, please get in touch with us. Yes, it is tough to crawl on the floor when we are doing basting. Or the table we have at home is just not big enough to spread the quilt. So worry no more ladies.

We will provide you with the quotation and discuss the details before we proceed. Now you can focus on getting new tops ready either patchwork or applique (which is the most interesting part of all the processes, don't you think?) It is time to proceed with the quilt that you have been wanting to do in a long, long time. And hopefully, you will get to enjoy the quilt much earlier.

We will provide the details on machine quilting service really soon. Or just call us information.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bags - Mother & Daughter 2

These bags design are simple yet when they are made using matching fabrics such as these two, they turned out really nice. Requested by a client for her mother as hari raya gift (in green). The bag is machine quilted using stippling design. Simple yet elegant. The handle is imported from the US.

The orange combination below is for the client herself, couldn't resist the temptation of having one! Thank you.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Quilts for Two Little Princess

These two quilts are for two little princess who lived in Norway! Their mommy, who is an old colleague, is in town for the fasting month and hari raya celebration. Before she return, we sort of exchange views on the designs of the quilts she wants me to make for her two pricess. And finally we decided on a pattern for both quilts. By the time she is back in KL in end July, me and my team have made 50% progress on both quilts. The centre pieces were ready but I needed her to sort of approve the borders that I had selected for both. Since the centre piece is already busy, we decided to pick a single fabric with small flowers, instead of a patchwork border.

Here are the quilts - Hannah is the elder sister.

And here is Lynnea's - the baby sister.

Both quilts were assembled using double layers of cotton batting and flannel as the backing. They were thick, quilting was a bit harder (esp. the border, using FMQ). They are really warm and we hope that the quilts will keep the two little princess warm in their home.

I will be seeing them this weekend. Hope to be able to get them to post with the quilt.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pillow Covers for Tihani

Hello again. Today's post is about pillow covers (again). Well, one of my customers who was expecting came to the shop with her elder sister (since she is about to deliver anytime, someone needs to be with her in case of emergency!). Her sister ended up requesting us to make four pillow cases for her little princess, Hani. She chose the borders and the background fabrics. The rest, she said, I leave them to you to decide.

So we matched the applique fabrics against the borders. We used different fonts for the name as she wanted. And here they are. Three of the four were machine quilted (FMQ using different patterns). The last one was hand quilted.

We will be conducting classes on free motion quilting soon. Please get in touch with us for the details. Trust me, if i can do it, you also can do it. Now Everyone Can FMQ!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Baby Bedding Sets

In my previous post I mentioned about mommies-to-be. Well, offlate we have been making a lot of the bedding sets. Alhamdulillah. We are still in the process of sewing a complete set as sample. Hopefully by next week it will be ready.

Here is the baby quilt and a pillow case for Puan Aznen's baby boy. She knew she was expecting a baby biy, hence his name was appliqued on the baby quilt. She keeps the baby quilt simple by choosing a panel. For the quilt backing, we use flannel. Later she requested for a matching pillow case.

Puan Azizan's daughter was also expecting her first child. She requested for two sets to be made, one is a standard set (in and yellow) while the other is for the baby cot (red and blue).

The new mom wanted something really striking, so she chose red. Not bad, they do look vibrant.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Puffy Quilt for 3-Seater Sofa

Hi. I hope it's not too late to wish all my Muslim friends Selamat Hari Raya. Hope everyone had a really good break. We had a good break. The shop was closed for 3 days. Hopefully next year me and my team can take a longer Raya break!

During the fasting month, we were quite busy finishing orders from customers, mostly baby bedding sets, baby quilts and cushion covers. We managed to complete the urgent ones (I mean baby bedding sets for mommies-to-be!). By the time I am writing this post, I believe the mommies are busy with their new bundle of joy, Pn. Aznen and another is Puan Azizan's daughter. Congratulations! I will write about them later. One of the custom made items was this 23" x 62" puffy quilt, for Pn. Mala. She needs this for her 3-seater leather sofa in the TV room. I use 2 matching fabrics to make it a little colourful. It was fun making it but you really need to be patient when filling the buns with the poly-fibre. Here are some photos of the quilt. I plan to make one for myself.

One can alter the size to fit your need, may be as a baby mattress, dining chair pad or even chair pad for your car. It is really comfortable.

Anyone interested? Please call us for a lesson.